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OIB concluded 10th Anniversary Commemoration


Oromia International Bank S.C has concluded its 10th Anniversary commemoration that has been

celebrated for a couple of months decorated by various events.

In its 10 years banking business journey, OIB has been experiencing a number of happenstances

– achievements and challenges over the last decade. To draw a lesson from the setbacks and maintain

certain successes, the anniversary is a noble instant.

The 10th Anniversary commemoration officially kicked off in November 2018 on the 9th General Meeting

of the Shareholders by cake cutting ceremony. Then it has been celebrated with series of events such as

road show, customer sessions, blood donation, and symposium and staff day. The events took place at

different times in different place colourfully.

OIB has awarded employees who have served the Bank from formation to date faithfully.

On 27th June 2019, the Bank officially concluded the Anniversary by hosting a closing dinner on which founders,

Shareholders, high valued customers, financial institutions including Banks and Insurances, partners, media and

stakeholders were invited at Hilton Hotel.

On the Occasion, OIB President Obbo Abie Sano acknowledged the key founders who played a significant role in

establishing the Bank. He also thanked different personalities and institutions who directly or indirectly helped for

the realization of OIB’s establishment.

Oromia International Bank S.C also awarded loyal customers who have been working with the Bank from establishment to date.\

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