Diaspora Account and NR account


Foreign currency deposits by Non-Resident Ethiopians or Non-Resident Ethiopian origin should be made in one or more of the following currencies.

  • US Dollars
  • Pound sterling
  • Euro
  • Japanese Yen

Opening non- resident foreign currency account for Ethiopians in Diaspora can be possible by the following three methods. (As per N.B.E Directive) These are:

  • Personal presence of the account holder at domestic commercial banks,
  • Through foreign correspondent banks and
  • Correct contact of the account holder with the opening bank through telex and/or letters or other authenticable communication means.

Applicant who could not be physically present to open the NR account in the domestic banks shall use the Ethiopian Embassies nearby to prove their identities.

 One of our bank’s unique type of product/service might be, over night (limited period) deposit service we are ready to provide for certain (limited) period of time/days as per the interest of the customer. This is to satisfy special needs of some customers who would like to deposit their money for over-night or limited number of days

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