Obbo Gadissa Bultossa(Board Chairperson)  

Qualification:- M.A

Experience:- 32 Years


Dr. Hirut Terefe(Member) Dr. Aynalem Megersa(Vice Chairperson) Prof. Fikre Lemessa(Member)

Qualification:- PH.D

Experience:- 35 Years

Qualification:- PH.D

                          Experience:-  19 Years                        

Qualification:- PH.D

Experience:-  25 Years

Kab. Obbo Gebru G/mariam(Member) Dr. Amenu Oljirra(Member) Dr. Firdissa Jebessa(Memebr)

Qualification:- MA

Experience:- 40(retired) 

Qualification:- PH.D

Experience:-  26 Years

Qualification:- PH.D

Experience:-  26 Years

Obbo Damenu Tulu(Memebr) Obbo Didha Dirriba(Memebr) Obbo Asegid  Regassa(Member)

Qualification:- M.SC in Agronomics

Experience:- 34 

Qualification:- MSC

 Experience:- 29 Years

Qualification:- MA

Experience:-  17    Years


  Obbo Eshetu Erena(Board Secretary)  

Qualification:-  MPMP

Experience:-  30    Years



Board Sub-Committee Business Development and HR Committee


Risk and Compliance Committee

Audit Committee

         Kab. Gebru G/mariam

        Dr. Aynalem Megersa

Dr. Amenu Oljira

         Obbo Asegid Regassa


 Obbo Gadisa Bultosa

Dr. Firdissa Jebessa




Dr. Hirut Terefe

        Prof. Fikre Lemessa

     Obbo Didha Diriba

      Obbo Damenu Tulu



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