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OIB Inaugurated three Branches in the North Dessie, Woldiya and Shewa Robit branches


Oromia International Bank S.C colorfully inaugurated Dessie, Woldiya and Shewa Robit branches on

December 12, 13 and 15, 2015 respectively. The Bank is massively expanding its branches in all parts

of the country in order to attain its mission to reach the missing middle.

OIB Inaugurated three Branches in the North Dessie, Woldiya and Shewa Robit branches

During the inauguration ceremony, OIB President Abie Sano said that Oromia International Bank S.C

is moving ahead focusing on the society who is desperately in need of full banking services including

the Interest-Free Banking.Such holistic mission is highly elevating the acceptance of the bank among

the society which in turn enables OIB to register commendable success in many ways – in number of

branches, profit, contribution to national economy, our Bank is playing a leading role, Abie lauded.

He also emphasized that OIB is a ground-breaking bank that it has played the arousing role for the rapid

expansion of branches of other banks across the country. It is also a reason for the today’s fierce competition

in the industry, he added.Officials of the respective towns on their part acclaimed OIB for its rigorous effort to

access its services and products regardless of geographical boundaries. They also vowed their support to the Bank.

Along with the inauguration, the Bank also held customer session to introduce the Interest-free Banking services and products.

IFB Department Director Obbo Nuri Hussien presented in details the services and products that interest-free banking offers.

The participants expressed their happiness to obtain such a service which they have been denied in history of the bank in this country.

Both the inauguration ceremony and customer session in those three towns were very colorful and lively and the residents were so happy to have OIB in their respective towns.

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