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OIB Acknowledges its Stakeholders


Oromia International Bank S.C held Stakeholders’ Event at Elilly International Hotel here in Finfinne on Friday,

April 08, 2016.On the occasion, the Bank’s Board of Directors Chairperson Abera Tola opening the stage by

noting that the Bank is showing laudable growth especially because of its esteemed customers and devoted

stakeholders. And OIB will unceasingly keep on its advancement with the consorted effort of its staff, customers

and stakeholders, he added. He also commended the stringent efforts of the Bank’s high value customers who

convened at the working dinner.

OIB President Abie Sano presented the brief overview of the Bank including the challenges and success story from

the establishment to date. “Albeit the Bank was established amid global economic crisis, because of you and its

dedicated Board, management and the entire staff,it has been witnessing astounding progress in many aspects –

branch expansion is worth mentioning,” Abie said. Oromia International Bank S.C is a big name with a big vision. Thus,

it is stepping forward at increased pace to become the bank of the first choice for its customers, stakeholders and

the staff, Abie added.The event also marked the acknowledgement of OIB to its stakeholders as the Bank awarded a

certificate of appreciation to some 126 high value customers. OIB also honored Top Depositors, Top Exporters,

Top Remittance earners and IFB Top Depositors with special award in an anticipation of working together more than before.

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