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OIB Top Officials discussed the bank’s 2nd five years strategic plan


Oromia International Bank’s Board of Directors and Top Management discussed the bank’s 2nd five years

strategic plan document from 2015/16 – 2019/20, on Saturday  October 24, 2015 at Harmony Hotel.The

strategic plan crafting team presented the plan to the workshop and left it for intensive discussion which

has enthusiastically taken place until 4:00PM. Leading the plenary discussion, OIB Board Chairperson

Abera Tola said that the plan is a milestone to frame our day to day business plan and translate it into action.

It also enables us to project where OIB will be positioned by 2020.Accordingly, it was planned to grow the

deposit and profit earning by many fold. It is also planned to raise the number of branches in a bid to attain the

very mission ‘empowering the missing middle’ by accessing banking services.The strategic plan also capitalizes

on the effective utilization of Information Technology as it becomes point of competition in today’s banking industry.

Thus, employing up-to-date state-of-the art technology inevitably enhances competiveness.The presenters

stressed the opportunities and threats ahead in the process of implementing the plan. National peace and stability,

prudent and nurturing national regulations policies are among the opportunities, while existence of unleveled

parallel Foreign Currency market and low national saving rate are among the main challenges encounter.

During the discussion, OIB President Abie Sano emphasized that immediate response, fast decision and close monitoring

are always lubricating factors that every official at the OIB management expects from the Board and needs to apply by themselves.

 He also vowed due attention towards the utilization of modern Information Technology as it is enabling factor to undertake every

banking activity the time requires. The President has also underlined that capitalizing on the Human Resource is the other main

issue which needs special focus in developing and nurturing the bank during the new strategic period.

Committed and well-skilled man power who shares this plan with the sense of belongingness is instrumental in due course, consented the officials. 

In a move to attain the desired goal, focusing on two basic competition areas now in the industry such as foreign exchange and

deposit mobilization is of paramount importance. Gaining trust from all stakeholders and customers need to be underscored, the workshop indicated.  

The discussion was so lively and motivating to look forward sound growth in the coming five years.


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