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OIB Launched its 10th Anniversary Commemoration


Oromia International Bank S.C was established in 2008 G.C in accordance with the national business law.

Fulfilling necessary legal requirements, OIB commenced operation on October 25, 2008 opening its first branch

at Dembel City Center, namely Bole Branch.

OIB now turns 10 years! The Bank officially launched its 10th anniversary celebration on November 3rd 2018

at Millennium Hall in the presence of its major Shareholders.  The Anniversary is aimed to mark the 10 years

journey of OIB in business that showcases the success and challenges the Bank encountered over the decade.

On the launching ceremony, the founders including the first Board of Directors Chairperson, Management,

two employees representing the first staff lit the candle and cut the cake. The Former Board of Directors Chairperson

Obbo Abera Tola on the occasion said that it was difficult to think of such business as the global and local economy

was in turmoil during the most parts of OIB operational years.

“However, the bravery commitment the founders displayed during that time laid the foundation and made OIB to seize

this significant milestone. I personally acknowledge the Shareholders for the trust they bestowed upon the then Board

of Directors in general, on me in particular, as the Chairperson. Your belief in us largely backed us to explore the best

strategy to make the Bank competent in the industry,” Abera said. Abera also acknowledged the commitment,

determination and courage of the Management, staff and the entire stakeholders for such a success and asked

the owners to support for the upcoming decade.

The launching ceremony received big cheers and lauded by the Shareholders and all stakeholders.

The Anniversary will be commemorated throughout the year with various events and ceremonies in a way

it depict a decade time business journey of the Bank.

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