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OIB discussed with its Employees 2017


OIB discussed with its Employees

Oromia International Bank S.C held a half-day discussion forum with its employees of City Branches

and surrounding on July 9, 2017 here in Finfinne at Intercontinental Addis Hotel.

The meeting was aimed at taking the Bank forward to its deserved position through employing superb

customer service and held at the presence of the Banks Senior Management and members of Board

of Directors.

In his opening remark, the President of OIB, Abie Sano said, since the last eight years, from the

establishment of the Bank, things are changing at alarming rate. The customers need, for instance,

is showing an amazing alteration pursuant to the stiffer competition in the industry and the advancement

of technological environment.

“We need to improve our professional service delivery that suits our customers, shareholders, employees

and the regulatory body’s’ interest which keeps changing along with time. It is the time when our customers

expect more respect from us by our service. Therefore, our customer handling and service provision needs

to develop than to diminish.

He also stressed every staff should work hard to progress his/her skill, knowledge especially in bank related

disciplines. Our honesty and loyalty to our customers is a base to win the public trust.

The main and key thing awaiting ahead of us is to win today’s fierce competition in the industry we are

operating, Abie added.

On the occasion, Strategic Management and Business Development Department Director Obbo Neway

Megersa presented OIB’s nine years trend and the 2nd five years strategic plan of OIB with a highlight

of the new budget year plan of 2017-18.

Over one thousand staffs convened at the discussion forum where various suggestions, questions and

comments, most of which aimed towards elevating the Bank were entertained. Most of the questions

were related to human resource, IT systems and customer service trend of OIB.

Concerned Department Officials and the President addressed those questions while members of

Board of Directors provided constructive advice and way forward.

The forum was so exciting and interactive on which consensus with some blessing of the board

and management was added to boost the emotion of the staff on the way forward as it is a culture

for Bankers at the end of every budget year.






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